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ASB iCommons Mission

ASB Information Commons’ mission is to empower all users towards creativity and intellectual achievements by ethically leveraging information and technology. We inspire our users to  create and communicate through local & global collaboration while striving towards cultural proficiency. 

ASB iCommons

 Reflecting the forward thinking leadership at our school and a deep desire to support 21st century learning and teaching model, the  Elementary School highlights a collaborative learning environment.  In the Elementary School campus we introduce to you ASB’s iCommons (Information Commons).. The iCommons replaces the traditional concept of a library. We’ve transformed the centralized library into five interactive spaces within our learning communities. We call this area, the iCommons. Each floor has their iCommons housing a variety of resources - ebooks, printed books, and opportunities to create digital products. This collaborative space supports and engages students in their learning journey.

ASB iCommons Collection

Our six iCommons house a wide collection of ebooks, print books and databases to support reading, multidisciplinary social and problem solving skills. Within these titles is a wide collection of ebooks that range from picture books, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, World language materials and teacher resources. The iCommons subscribe to a variety of periodicals, journals, magazines, and  ebooks to support the needs of our students. The iCommons Handbook can be accessed for more information.


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