iCommons Handbook

iCommons Handbook


ASB Information Commons’ mission is to empower all users towards creativity and intellectual achievements by ethically leveraging information and technology. We inspire our users to  create and communicate through local & global collaboration while striving towards cultural proficiency. 

ASB’s Elementary Information Commons strive to be a hub for the students at each grade level, encouraging and supporting in a variety of ways to fulfill the ASB mission. All students, parents and staff comprise the ASB community; all patrons are considered an integral part of the ASB Information Commons (iCommons) ASB iCommons patrons should feel empowered to embrace their future as lifelong learners. The skills needed to accomplish their dreams are enhanced through the iCommons with its many resources. 


All members of the ASB community are considered patrons. The ASB community is defined as all students, parents and staff that are enrolled or work at ASB. 

Volunteers are welcome to ASB iCommons. Parents interested in volunteering may contact the Learning Commons


The iCommons is open Monday-Friday from 7:40 am to 4:00 pm. 

ASB iCommons Collection & Resources 

With all five iCommons combined, the ASB iCommons has a collection of over 20,000 books in print. Within these titles there is a wide collection ranging from picture books to World  languages, nonfiction to graphic novels, and teacher resources. The ASBiCommons also subscribes to a substantial number of ebooks and eResources within our electronic databases.  Materials can be located and accessed through the online catalog. This is a web-based program and may be accessed through the school and iCommonswebsite.

Online Databases: 

The iCommons subscribes to a number of online educational databases these are accessed by the students and teachers through the iCommons webpage. The copyright for some of these databases may only allow be accessed to students, parents and teachers at ASB by using the passwords.

Services and Facilities 

a.  Technology

Wireless internet access is available throughout the school The iCommons catalog and various online databases that the school subscribes are all available through the school/iCommons website. Parents can connect to the wi-fi as a guest.

 b. Space usage

The iCommons provides a collaborative and comfortable space for reading and studying. All mobile phones should be set to the silent mode when entering the iCommons. All phone calls should be placed outside the iCommons. All patrons are reminded that the ASB iCommons is generally used for study, research, and as a meeting space to share ideas. The iCommons includes a maker space equipped with materials that provide an opportunity for students to explore and tinker. The physical space is flexible and is blended with the virtual world adapting to meet the needs of individuals and group studens.  To preserve an environment of optimum conditions for study, iCommon personnel may approach patrons to request quiet and orderly conduct. Food and drink other than water are discouraged anywhere in the iCommons, with the exception of sponsored events that may include food and drink setup.


iCommons host author visits, sponsors book fairs, offer workshops for parents, teachers, and students. Dates for these events are posted on the school website and the school calendar.

 d.Circulation Services

There is a  circulation desk located centrally in  iCommons and patrons are encouraged to sefl checkout. If you are unsure of the procedures for self checkout please see a member of the iCommons staff based in the 3rd floor. 

e. Loan period: All  iCommons materials are available for a checkout of 2 weeks and can be renewed by the patrons.

f. Returns: All materials can be returned into a returns  box which is located at each iCommons.

g. Overdues: Overdue notices are emailed to patrons on a regular basis. The iCommons does not charge overdue fines. However, if an item is reported missing or is returned seriously damaged, the borrower is responsible for the payment of the cost of the item plus the shipping and processing fees. On receiving a notification from  the iCommons Staff with book details and cost, this fine is paid to the cashier in the business office. A receipt from the cashier would be required to help clear the fine from  the patron’s account. 

h. Requests: Patrons may request for a material which is already checked out by reserving  for them online or in person. An email will be sent to the patron telling them when the material has been returned and is ready for them to check it out. iCommons will hold a book for 3 days before notifying  the next person on the list .Patrons may also request that the iCommons consider purchasing a book, or a digital book on the iCommons web-page.

Contact Information 

You may contact  Miss Sarah PIckles at  pickless@asbindia.org for any queries or clarifications.