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5 Minute Film Festival from Edutopia

5-Minute Film Festival: 5 Videos to Explore Growth Mindset Learn more about how mindset can affect learning with this collection of videos—for everyone from preschoolers to parents.

5-Minute Film Festival: 7 Video Writing Prompts for Young Authors Looking for a new way to spark creativity in your students' writing? Try these video writing prompts.

5-Minute Film Festival: Resources for Teaching About Character Celebrate #CharacterDay2016 on September 22 with a short film, "The Science of Character," and this companion playlist, which features videos for the seven character traits most important in education.

5-Minute Film Festival: Classroom Makeovers to Engage Learners How can a classroom be set up to maximize learning? Get inspired by this video playlist with tips and ideas for teachers to make over their classrooms.

5-Minute Film Festival: Future Ready Leadership Is your school or district "Future Ready"? Whether you're new to the Future Ready Schools initiative, or your district or school is in the process of Future Ready changes, this video playlist offers ideas, tips and strategies for facilitating..

5-Minute Film Festival: Celebrating Poetry Month There's no doubt that when taught well, poetry can get kids excited about reading, writing, performing, and finding their voice. Check out this selection of videos about education and poetry.

3 Videos on the Importance of Empathy These three videos on the importance of empathy will help inspire a conversation in the classroom and beyond. 

5-Minute Film Festival: 10 Great Video Resources for Teaching Math Spice up your math lessons with these engaging, interesting, and entertaining teaching videos.

5-Minute Film Festival: 10 Great Video Resources for Teaching Math Spice up your math lessons with these engaging, interesting, and entertaining teaching videos.

5-Minute Film Festival: Student Voice and Choice When students feel that that their opinions and ideas are valued, they're more engaged with their education. Watch these 7 videos for ideas on how to give your students more agency in school. 

Five-Minute Film Festival: The Best Cat Videos for Educators Need a break from the pressure of the school year? This Five-Minute Film Festival gives you something to laugh about, with a round-up of entertaining animal videos.

5-Minute Film Festival: Turning Bystanders Into Upstanders Against Bullying Transforming bystanders into "upstanders" is an effective strategy for bullying prevention. This collection of videos and resources will show students how to speak out when they see someone being bullied.

5-Minute Film Festival: 9 Videos on News Literacy How can you help your students begin to separate fact from fiction in the news? This collection of videos and resources will get you started.

5-Minute Film Festival: Comics in the Classroom Graphic novels and comics offer many teaching opportunities for educators who want to take advantage of their broad appeal and themes. Find out how to add some bam! to your classroom with this short video playlist.

5-Minute Film Festival: Arts Integration Turns STEM to STEAM Intrigued by the idea of adding the arts to STEM education? This video playlist highlights programs and projects around the country that are exploring STEAM learning.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Fun Summer DIY Projects Engage budding scientists and artists with this video playlist of investigative experiments, from Rion Nakaya of The Kid Should See This.

5-Minute Film Festival: Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection VideoAmy compiled this moving playlist of videos to explore the importance of human relationships and the power of being kind, generous, and compassionate.

5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship VideoAmy explores the topic of digital citizenship with this playlist of videos on the importance of online safety, manners, privacy, and responsibility.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Copyright and Fair Use for Educators In K-12 education, it's a challenge to navigate the copyright and fair use waters. What can educators use? How can they use it? VideoAmy has collected some fun, engaging videos to help teachers and students understand the confusing subject.

5-Minute Film Festival: Design Thinking in Schools What is design thinking, and how is it useful in educational settings, for both students and teachers? VideoAmy's playlist of clips explores the topic.

5-Minute Film Festival: Best Kickoff Videos VideoAmy has collected a playlist of brief, compelling videos about education that can be used to start meetings with a bang and get everyone from parents to teachers engaged.

5-Minute Film Festival: Color Theory Whether you're looking through the lens of science, art, or philosophy, lessons around color can be engaging and fun. VideoAmy has gathered a playlist of videos about color to get your creative juices flowing.

Compiled from 5-Minute Film Festival by AMY ERIN BOROVOY (AKA VIDEOAMY)'S PROFILE

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